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Marquis de Sade

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shepardshadows @ 10:16 pm: Story of O by PAULINE REAGE. Track it down and devour it ;p.

P.S. it is not every day that you discover you have a new, unexplored fetish. I may very well have a case of spectrophilia, haha.

P.P.S. Spectrophilia, and the aforementioned book, have nothing to do with each other. Just thought I would make that clear.

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Date:March 4th, 2005 01:31 pm (UTC)
I'm in the middle of reading it right now!

I have about 30 pages left. As of yet, I enjoy it, but can't help but wonder why the topic of monogomy (IE you are MY slave, no one else can fuck you) is really never explored in SM books...

Aside from that, I'm enjoying it so far. I'm looking foward to buying the movie and seeing how that lives up to the book.
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